School Holiday Program

Sometimes schools need to raise additional money for new equipment or a school camp or trip away. This can be done by fundraising which not only gives the children some fun new activities to do, but also teaches them about responsibility and helps them achieve their goal. A school holiday program will provide activities that the kids enjoy, some of which you can see below.

Fundraiser activities can include a fun run, sausage sizzle, trivia or movie night at a local venue, selling chocolates or raffle tickets, and a number of other things. These school fundraising ideas are a great way to keep the children busy during the holidays, whilst still being enjoyable and keeping them spending time with their school mates, outside the pressure of the classroom.

Kids Holiday Programs

There are lots of great program ideas for kids to do over the school holidays. Come back soon to find out a list of them including:

  • Reptile show
  • Fitness program
  • Art and craft days
  • Sporting tournament
  • Music camp

If there are no arts and craft days, you might look to vist an actual art gallery. This will give your children some a positive cultural experience, and also help his or her creative side, seeing work from a range of talented artists. One great gallery for artwork is Flourish Arts in Birchgrove which has numerous exhibitions.

For something a bit less educational but lots of fun, why not take your children on a river cruise. Williamstown Charters has a range of destinations throughout Melbourne that will entertain the children, and the adults alike. Cruise down the CBD waterways, along the Yarra, or even out on the bay. You can also charter a fishing vessell should you want to make it more hands on for the little tackers.

Gardening Programs and Lessons

Gardening is sometimes thought of as a nasty chore by kids however it can actually be a lot of fun and very rewarding for those who get involved. A gardening program can teach children about nature, and how to style an outdoor area, using plant selection, colour, positioning and additional features. Not only will it educate them, it may result in parents getting some much needed assistance in the backyard. Laying down instant turf can be a great idea as it is easy to clean, durable, and safe for the kids to play on during their holidays. With plenty of styles of fake grass available these days, you can choose one that suits your garden perfectly.